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Armel Dupas is not a typical pianist. Destined for a mainstream career, a graduate of the Paris Conservatoire and recognized by the greatest names in French jazz, he radically changed direction at the age of 35 following the joint success of his third album Broderies and his private home concerts, Home Piano Live. Conscious of the power of acoustic music to bring well-being to those who experience it live, Armel takes his piano out of the halls and festivals. Artists' studios, museums, living rooms, gardens and the water’s edge provide the backdrop for magical moments where memories are rekindled by the piano. Encouraged by his peers to become a musician-entrepreneur, he has freed himself from the conventions of the profession by taking on, alone, all the different facets of his trade: producer, pianist, composer, tuner and transporter of his piano on wheels, he travels all over Europe to meet his audience. Sweet and melodious though it is, Armel's music intentionally defies classification because each day is unique.