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Since their debut as a band in July of 2019, ARCHIE has shown that they're a force to be reckoned with. Beginning with shows alongside well-established hometown heroes, they soon doubled-down on their infectious performances by playing alongside the likes of NZ pop-royalty BENEE and long-time idols, Lime Cordiale.
 Shortly after forming in late 2018 while studying at the ANU School of Music, the four unusually happy scallywags found a kindred spirit in Archie, Xandy’s dog, who reflects all of the charisma, energy, and happiness they want to bring to the world through their music. Holy Holy, Ball Park Music, Parcels, The Jungle Giants and Confidence Man are all bands that they love, just not as much as they love the 2007 Major Ocean Picture “Surf’s Up”. 
 The band’s latest single “GREENER” is a vibrant, energetic reflection of ARCHIE’s spirit. The synthy fast paced tune is about changing your outlook on life to be positive and uplifting and their lively, comical music video echos this message.