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A year after releasing popular TikTok & Youtube single "OnlyFans”, Florida based (Alabama born) artist Azazus releases a new seductive-dark song titled “On Redd”. The title is a double entendre for being left on read (on seen) in messages & referring to red being the color of seduction. The song melodically depicts the: expectations; vein personalities; and invasion of privacy that vindictive admirers have on him. The behavior of these starstruck individuals result in them becoming dead to Azazus. Hence the many horror reference lines: “…I do not talk to the dead but, A 1000 Corpses in my bed.” and, “I’m with the fiends & zombies. These girls all be dying to meet me. They all on my team…” “On Redd” is produced by German composers Rudenote & Winterherbst. “Onlyfans” circulated the world of TikTok upon it’s Summer 2020 music video release (produced by Red Jon and Directed by John “Green Ranger” Eagle). With a rising half a million TikTok streams. The audio has become the promotional foundation for many girls worldwide that continue to pursue online-film careers. Azazus recently won the best music video award from Tri County Entertainment for the song “Onlyfans”. “On Redd” just broke 20,000 Youtube views, and is expected to climb in popularity. Azazus currently has a #OnReddChallenge circulating social media. Plus, there is an “On Redd” instagram filter available for fans to use with the song. E-Girls continue to be one of the main subjects of music made by Azazus.