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Breaking into the music scene with fervor, Know Your Enemy was thrust into popularity as a powerful and energetic hard rock band. Through an innovative combination of Rock and Metal, coupled with an infusion of Punk and Hip Hop, the band reaches diverse audiences through unique sounds and an iconic stage presence. Founded in 2014, when rock singer Fonz Rodriguez played along with guitarist Jason Kent, both members found musical chemistry and built on from there. After several lineup changes, the guys were fortunate enough to find chemistry again with Steve Bishop on bass and Byron Lapola on drums. Since then, the band has been shaped into the “Know Your Enemy” that is known today. Their fan base started growing moderately with the release of their first full length “Root of All Evil LP” (2018) and some noteworthy concerts, such as The Rock Carnival (2016), Jersey Shore Festival (2015-2019), and Smitefest 2019-2020. Know Your Enemy has been featured in Total Order Indie Magazine, The Aquarian Weekly, and Ever-Metal(.com). They’ve shared the stage with national touring bands like P.O.D., He Is Legend and Hed PE. Know Your Enemy is working on its next release. New tracks are scheduled to be released in October 2020 with more to follow under the management and guidance of Damon Moreno and The Inner Light Agency (L.A., CA). Know Your Enemy is more than a band. It’s the mission of making an impact on how we all view society, each other, and ourselves…