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Harris Mac entered the world as an incredibly prolific creative. From the age of eleven, he tinkered with home-made electronics and fused hip-hop with classical piano on an 8-track in his bedroom. Known for his introspective lyricism and melodic songwriting, Harris continues to use inner discovery as a limitless source of inspiration, seeking to voice fresh emotions through his thoughtfully-crafted stories. He strives to strip away his ego and externalize his deeply personal love of art and beauty. Now, headquartered in Brooklyn, Harris has developed both his catalog and reputation by collaborating with artists like Cathedrals, Ayer, and Von Sell. He runs his own production operation out of his studio in Bushwick, fueling his artistic ventures with an ever-changing process and a burning desire to radically shift the pop landscape. Drawing on diverse influences such as Radiohead, Frank Ocean, and Kanye West, he focuses his expansive production skills on new experimental sounds within dark pop and synth soul. Harris’s vision is to create beauty that both enlivens and dissolves the loneliness we feel; to provide solace, inspiration, and perspective to creative souls.