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STANLÆY is the brain child and alter-ego of musician, producer, artist, and composer Bethany Clare Mistlebrook Stenning where Bethany composes music both as a solo artist, and collaborates with other musicians to bring the music to a live environment. Fuelled by collaboration, landscapes (internal and external), cross-pollination and the synergy between the organic and the synthetic, Bethany is an unstoppable force of nature of multi-disciplinary form. Bethany is a highly respected producer, composer and performer in Bristol, working on music within STANLÆY and collaborating with local talents Ishmael Ensemble, Waldo’s Gift, Snazzback and Prudent Primate. Her music with STANLÆY has most recently appeared on BBC radio 6, BBC Bristol, BBC Introducing in the West, RTE Radio, British Airwaves Next Big Thing, and been hailed by local press; being described as "Joanna Newsom, Bjork and Janelle Monae wrapped into one woodland sprite." - Monolith Cocktail.
 Bethany's album The Human Project is an audio-visual experimental beguiling soundscape exploring the concept of elements through her creation of an alternative pastoral fairytale world. STANLÆY's second, equally critically acclaimed solo EP, Rif, acts as a fragmented snapshot of Stenning’s time while living in Rif, a small town where Bethany lived alone & wrote the EP. The over arching theme: STANLÆY's music open heartedly and intimately invites listeners into Bethany's unique and beautifully odd inner sonic universe.