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"NINV is a northern star, striding around the theatre in a Bush 'n' Twigs fashion (Kate and FKA), singing beautifully about her native north-of-Norway, and sporting a homemade dress with one arm miles longer than the other." - Under the Radar Magazine   NINV takes you on a journey to deep forests and deeper waters, conveying the inner workings of a messy and creative mind. Complex vocal harmonies, when combined with her knack for warm catchy melodies underpinned by frenetic rhythms, has been described as dark and dreamy psych-electrofolk reminiscent of aliens from space playing with the whales below – a northern fjord fiesta.   There is a haunting introspection, a conflict and a darkness to her lyrics gloriously accompanied by lushly orchestrated pop melodies, think Billie Eilish and Kate Bush rewriting Pet Sounds in a room above an electro club. There is an expansion of consciousness within NINV’s sound, but a more natural sort of psychedelia with nature and the inner workings of the soul and mind at its heart. It’s the sound of chaos learning to be at peace with itself, questioning then surrendering – a serene surrender back to the larger, more dominant force of Mother Nature. A clash of mythological proportions exists within the sound, between the intimate warmth in NINV’s voice rising over harmonic chamber-pop arrangements whilst battling abrasive electronic elements and mechanized shunted beats. A battle as old as time sounding as fresh as ever.