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"memory is fickle in the darkness of the cave" After years in Los Angeles studying classical music, Pasquale returned to Montreal and became a Resident Artist with Opera de Montreal with one goal: to compose an opera. Looking for a modern take for the script, he teamed up with musician and writer Mitch Findlay. The duo began working on the story, and quickly realized the project was evolving. No longer an opera, but an album. The album continued to grow, with new songs being written every day. They joined forces with fellow creatives Tom and Costa, and decided to spend some songwriting time in Northern Quebec. By day, perfecting the music. By night, folklore and exploration. One evening in the woods, the group stumbled upon a decrepit mannequin with a broken television for a head. And thus, Videoman was born. The band returned to Montreal with their album A Kind Of Serenity ready to record. It wasn’t long before the project caught the ear of former Dears guitarist Patrick Krief, who signed on to produce. Videoman holed up in Mixart studios to finish the album, set for release on September 29th, 2017