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Jonathan is a Film and Classical Composer, Pianist. He is classically trained from an early age and with his avid love of film, he began to work with film music since 2017. Following that, he decided to pursue a path in becoming a world-class film scorer and musician. Since Jonathan is a classically trained musician, he has a very solid understanding of musical styles, forms, and musical theory. This allows him to work with a variety of musical forms ranging from Solo, Duets, Ensembles to Orchestral music, and even bringing Electronic synthesizers and instruments into his work. The training also gave him the ability to work with complex harmonies, orchestration, instrumentation, and combining them all together to create his compositions. Jonathan has always been on a perpetual path of exploring the world of Philosophy, History and recently started with Psychology. His passion for the above realms allows him to comprehend cinema as an art and analyze it. This certainly helps Jonathan tremendously in the process of composing for a wide variety of themes and to express a comprehensive range of emotions. Jonathan is looking forward to collaborating with student/professional directors on film, television, etc. Please leave a message at the contact me page for any inquires.