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Living State is bringing back solid rock, importing a classic Euro-rock style to the antipodes. Combining textured guitar riffs and clean, powerful vocals, Living State play hard rock that rocks hard, with a few more musically complicated moments in their repertoire to give you a taste of just how much potential these up-and-comers still have to tap. They have been rapidly making a place for themselves in the local live scene with tight instrumentation, shredding solos, soaring, passionate vocals, and just a dash of well-timed humour, because after all, you’ve come out to have a good time. Their debut single “One Sided” is a catchy head-nodder that does what the band does best - let you vent your frustrations while getting a good hook stuck in your head. The “One Sided” video is their first foray into putting visuals to their tunes, featuring a comedy of errors set against a backdrop of appropriately heavy metal. With a brand new crop of freshly recorded bangers about to drop and solidify Living State’s place in the roaring twenties, you’ve got to ask yourself - are you really living if you’re not listening to Living State?