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A haunted radio station, the only structure on a hundred-mile stretch of granite boulder fields, shudders alive at dusk and plays nothing but Sik Oheso songs. 
 Jon sent Shawn some home recordings in 2019 and asked him to sing on them. Shawn recorded his vocals in a closet, and the sound of being a coat was so faithfully captured that nothing will ever again feel as warm and familiar as these songs. 
 Sik Oheso’s signature vibe is a blend of Jon wanting to play punk and Shawn being too old to sing like that anymore. Surprising nobody involved, the resulting mix turned out to be a winning combination. Sik Oheso plays vibrant, hooky, melodic music with the same fun/hurt ratio as grass stains/skinned knees. We hope these songs flood your brain with as much loving color as they do ours.