1. 1.
    Danza dell'autumno rosa
  2. 2.
    Bella ciao
  3. 3.
    La Torre
  4. 4.
    L 'odore della morte
  5. 5.
    St. Pauli (Bonus Track)
TALCO MASKERADE, is a new incarnation of the band: new instruments all approached by the acoustic sonorities, with all TALCO members being involved as well as some additional guests with new strains that will bring you to another, totally new world!
The definition of masquerade as a party or a dance at which people wear masks closely associated with Venice, from where the band comes from, as well as a behavior that is intended to prevent the truth about something unpleasant which is not wanted to become known, or to pretend or appear to be someone else is the cornerstone of the concept of TALCO MASKERADE. While the world masked up, while the media is full of info hard to decipher, while social media became a tool where to act in disguise, pretending to be someone else, it is time for TALCO to rough the masquerade up, visually depersonalizing each member to function as a mirror in order to sensitize for those topics.
LOCKTOWN can be considered as a closing chapter to the open end of their concept album SILENT TOWN, which picks up all the freshly made experiences during this year ‘s intense and isolating lockdown period due to Covid-19 while it combines them with the atmosphere created on SILENT TOWN. LOCKTOWN describes on a very personal level what the band members went through, how their life’s have been affected and how they witnessed the social changes during that time.
LOCKTOWN, which will be released on February 19th, 2021


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