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“My goal as an artist is to fuse the contemporary with the classic — a singer/songwriter mentality through the lens of Hi-Fi R&B” Sigman has been chasing that goal with vigor, his latest material invoking artists like Anderson .Paak, Kaytranada, and Theo Katzman. With a laser focus on the craft of songwriting, this Detroit-based artist has been steadily releasing projects for the past 4 years. After a series of several EP's, Sigman released his first full length record "Color Coded Heart" last October.

As a child, Sigman recalls listening to the Beatles nonstop, even flunking kindergarten because he refused to participate in group activities, preferring instead to pull his teacher into the book corner and sing ‘A Hard Days’ Night’ over and over again. But even after expanding his horizons and eventually progressing to grade 1, Sigman retained a passion for the art of songwriting. He wrote his first real song in the 5th grade and has been writing ever since. 2020 was a hard year for artists everywhere but in no moment was creating music more vital. It became a vital lifeline for Sigman, whose next album, set to be released in the Spring of 2020, is his most honest and most vulnerable yet. Sigman streams every Saturday on Twitch at 9PM EST.