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Zahyia, a songwriter, lyricist, producer and creative visionary, has dedicated her life to existing in spaces that elevate and change the limited narratives, images, and awareness of what it means to exist as a Black American Womxn. She is pushing boundaries everyday in the world of music and Alternative R&B. The Covid crisis of 2020 has catapulted Zahyia on a new journey through sound and spirit as she aurally captures and transforms EAR.Thlings out of their comfort zone into a higher spiritual vibration. Zahyia has a direct goal of answering the question "How do we progress with the elimination of all forms of prejudice" This fuels and motivates Zahyia as an artist. She sees the philosophies of the Baha'i Faith and Afro-Futuristic Music as necessary tools required for this progress and transformation to occur.