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Debuting a six single undertaking in the midst of a pandemic, Williams Daughter is not allowing the past or present to define her musical intuition. Influenced by country, rock and folk-revival this singer-songwriter infuses her experiences of love, loss and her passion for mental health advocacy and creates music rich with pop undertones and versatility. Touching on topics such as self growth, nostalgia, family and nature: Nicole (as she’s referred to by family, friends and some of her fans) is known to be lighthearted, expressive and down-to-earth. She currently resides in St. Mary’s, Ontario where she’s planning four more single releases throughout the remainder of 2021. Williams Daughter has been featured on Spotify playlist “Sounds Canadian” and performed livestream events through IndistryTV, The Shot Canada, PTSD The Truth Behind the Smile, Sounds on the couch and more. She continues to perform free live streamed concerts weekly, through her social media channels. facebook/instagram/youtube: @williamsdaughtermusic