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Blew Velvet is a producer, composer, and performance artist based in New York City. With a sound centered in the dark and ephemeral world of experimental electronic music and a history of DIY tours and audio installation artworks, Blew Velvet has community and comfort in the queer underground, while making moves to penetrate the mainstream. 
 Following two singles and a four-track remix EP, Velvet released their debut EP "Frankie" on January 31st, 2020. 
 Taking a turn to work on a more pop-adjacent sound, in a post-quarantine world, Blew Velvet has begun a new EP, "Touch Me". It is a collection of songs written through the distance, heartbreak, reconciliation, and internal process of yearning. A break from the darker and genre-avoidant music of Frankie, the new music calls on directly addressing what we all need these days: physicality, joy, a reason to put our phone down. 
 As we slowly unfold ourselves from the inevitable inward-turn we all must have taken, the "Touch Me" EP aims at giving meaning to the long waits, the build up, the burning desires, and the occasional resolve found within that introspection.