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Brooklyn based "art student turned rapper" EsZ aka E crookedletter Z, delivers an introspective view on his album Found Lost. The former visual art & film student shares personal stories and relevant themes by delivering a symphony of clever wordplay and distinctive production illustrating a sort of

"woke up in a dream" vibe that is able to connect and resonate with a wide audience.   Occasionally coloring outside the box with singles like 'E crooked letter Z', his first single for 2020 '(Get Busy) but a Dream' provides an example of his witty story-ish lyrics with a natural chill flow over one of his more commercial beats showing this Hip-Hop artist's diversity. "It's like reading a story or having a dream, the beat is the setting, and I'm in there just self narrating through it... vibing or whatever" - EsZ He is working alongside Grammy winning mixing engineer Mikaelin 'Blue' Bluespruce on more upcoming projects. ~ J.M