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After releasing her EP Consideration on March 6, 2020, the pandemic hit California and presented Emily Afton with the question of what life as an artist would look like in a changed world. Dividing her time between Oakland and LA, the electro-indie-plush-pop singer and multi-instrumentalist spent her time in quarantine trying on a new, stripped-down approach to making music. The result of this experiment was an unexpected glut of creativity that resulted in her most poignant work yet, RECONSIDERATION (out July 16, 2021). RECONSIDERATION is not a traditional remix EP, but a collection of reimagined arrangements that highlight her voice and songwriting process as a queer woman and artist. Afton and her longtime drummer/collaborator Patrick Aguirre started the process of recording RECONSIDERATION by stripping away the original EP, song by song, and rebuilding an acoustic universe with a hint of electronica. Where Consideration (EP) is bombastic, dynamic, and loud, both politically and sonically, RECONSIDERATION takes that energy and turns it inward. Afton also collaborated with friends and fellow indie darlings on this EP; Oakland's Mahawam joined Afton on the opening track, ‘Fractions,’ and Luz Elena Mendoza of Y La Bamba contributed to the closing track, 'Lonestar.' It is no coincidence the two featured collaborators bookend the EP, infusing a sense of artistic community after a year of isolation. Stay tuned for Emily Afton's full-length album, set to release 2022.