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Bewider is an electronic musician and a music producer. The first EP, ‘A Place To Be Safe’ was released on February 2015 and widely acclaimed by the critics. In 2016 Bewider released a second EP “Dissolve” composed of a series of organic tracks that can very well blend together, even though their styles are heterogeneous. Six songs, two of them featuring a singer (Jester at Work and Francesca Amati) and 4 instrumental. The analog and vintage sound approach were a distinctly made choice, but totally adapted to the present day taste. Bewider fluctuates between many different influences, embracing a wide musical chromatic spectrum: ranging from the Ambient enriched with electronic inserts, to the Electro-Dance, all mixed in a cinematic and modern style. Bewider returns with his first full length album Full Panorama, and it’s not just a new significant step in his artistic path, but a deeper insight into his soul.