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Guitarist Holly Blazina creates an immersive world of beauty and sound that draws in music lovers and Flamenco aficionados alike. The notes emanating from her instrument disarm unsuspecting listeners as they are ushered into an ethereal experience that is exotic, evocative, buoyant and deeply nourishing. As her music saturates a room, an event becomes an occasion, and a live concert blossoms into an exhilarating journey. Holly’s music is a catalyst for true communication, weaving its magic amongst those present to incite deeper connection, increased creativity and an atmosphere of genuine collaboration. When first exposed to Flamenco’s passionate, soulful melodies and driving rhythms, Holly knew she had found her home musically. This quickly led to a lifelong commitment to the art of Flamenco. Holly regularly performs as a soloist, in traditional Flamenco ensembles, as well as with other musicians from the jazz, classical and world music genres, delighting and inspiring audiences wherever she plays. She was a featured guest at both the Calgary and Edmonton International Flamenco Festivals, and participates as an instructor and performer each year at Calgary’s Classical Guitarfest West. Her debut recording, Transcendencia, received funding from the Canada Council for the Arts and FACTOR. It features her original compositions and was released October 13, 2017.