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Guitarist Stuart Bobbin knew he’d found the right guy when he spotted the Radiohead sticker on the truck of singer Joe Paonessa – who’d come to rescue the recent Scottish immigrant in the middle of the 2014 Edmonton blizzard after he got lost on the way to jam with a guy he’d never met. “I got a warm feeling,” Stuart says. “Oh, this guy likes exactly the same kind of music I do!” The pair hit it off, found they shared other UK influences: U2, The Who, Oasis. They formed a folk duo, which in 2016 turned into the progressive-leaning modern rock quintet Hewson Grey, with the addition of bassist Caleb Bradley, drummer Ryan Crampton, and keyboardist Tophie Davies. They share vocal duties, giving the band its distinctive art rock sound. “Even when we try to not to be proggy, we sound proggy,” says Joe.