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During the late ‘90s Irina Florin's hit record "Цвят лилав - Dreamhouse Radio Edit" paved the way for contemporary pop music in the Bulgarian nightclub scene. In the upcoming years, most of her songs conquered the local radio and TV charts. Irina has collaborated with many notable figures from the Bulgarian music industry, like FSB, Momchil Kolev, Stoyan Mihalev and Victor, Azis, Slavi Trifonov, Mihail Shishkov, Krum Georgiev, Georgi Georgiev (Ostava), Miro Gechev, Vladimir Ampov-Grafa, Lyubo Kirov, Miro, Dimitar Karnev (D2), Dimo Stoyanov (P.I.F.), and others. Some of the pop icon's best known tracks are chart-topping titles like "Пътуване - Deep Mix (Radio Edit)", "Мога", "Друга", "Цвят лилав", "Вятърът спи", "Докога", "Вчерашни цветя", "Карма", "Копринена жена", and "Очакван непознат". The albums "В трето лице", "Друга" and "Копринена жена" are deemed Bulgarian contemporary pop classics by the media. The singer has won multiple Artist, Song, Album, and Music Video of the Year awards. With stellar consistency for more than 20 years, Irina continues to create fashionable pop music that stands the test of time. Follow Irina Florin on Spotify for the latest official releases.