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Porter Singer (formerly known as "Sirgun Kaur") is a spiritually-inclined music-maker and personal coach. Her life experiences have taught her that every person has the capacity to be their own greatest teacher. Both her music and her teachings are designed to assist humanity in a gradual shedding of resistance, and an eventual discovery of ease and receptivity—where the joy is! 
 Porter has released nine albums as “Sirgun Kaur” (Mantraspheric: Aad Guray Nameh, For Pamela, Let There Be Peace, -8, Minux Vox, Reclaim Your Happiness, Dayaal, The Cosmic Gift, and The Music Within), and one album as “Porter” (The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy). She has performed in Europe and across the United States, leading conscious wellness festivals such as Bhakti Fest. She currently resides in Washington state, where she continues to record and release new music on a regular basis.