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Kim Anker creates sanctuaries from everyday life with floating, beat driven compositions. Originally from Copenhagen, now based in Berlin. "Drifting through the glitchy lo-fi bubble of his percolating synths, Dwelling permeates its space disco sound. Beat-driven yet ambient, you can check out the brilliant minimal techno cuts from his latest track." - Swede+Sour "The upbeat yet subdued stylings of Kim Anker are keeping us going through these long January nights. This low-key banger will either make you take a seat to pay closer attention or get you off the wall and cut some shapes." - Schmutz "Newcomer Kim Anker’s “Stay” is a chilled-out track that beckons its listeners to throw it on in rotation." - Dancing Astronaut "It’s got hints of trance, 80’s Italo and classical music at times, it's cadences delivering a feeling of warmth if not a sense of mild euphoria. The chilled way the track unwinds allows it to breathe and take hold on your heart and soul." - Electronic North