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Check out songs of our lead singer Михаил Нахимович And our English release on our second profile The Blacksmith Band The band was born in 2005, in St.Petersburg, Russia. We’ve got 12 official releases — 3 LP, 4 EP, Live DVD and a few singles and best collections, plus a couple of early Demo releases. All of our official web pages are in Russian, but we’ve got a huge fanbase not only in Russia, but all around the world. Our latest LP in Russia is dedicated to the world of the Supernatural. It is not a musical or some kind of a rock opera, it does’t have a storyline. But it is a 72 min long play written by our authors, and performed by the band and many guests. 17 tracks, including intro and outro, with Russian lyrics. This album is about early seasons of the Supernatural TV series. We got the Supernatural Theme, Crossroad Blues, a beatuiful Love song to Lisa, a song about HellHounds, The «Baby» rock’n’roll and a Swan Song; we got The Battle with the Horsemen for the whole 15 minutes, and Dialog with Death ballad, the duet of Sam and Lucifer inside, etc. We made it just to make the Supernatural fanbase bigger in our country, for everybody to hear about Supernatural via Rock Music and make our fans to be Supernatural fans too. All of it would be impossible without you! Thank you very much for your attention. With all our love and respect, Sincerely yours, Черный Кузнец (The Blacksmith Band)