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Fran Seven is an artist and producer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He has developed a strong focus on creating electronic music inspired by a wide variety of styles and ideas, as well as the endless depth of space and the mysterious, yet fascinating world of quantum mechanics. Fran’s style blurs the lines between melodic downtempo, ambient, minimalistic beats, and was first to be heard on his debut EP “Ripples in Time” which was released by Atomnation in 2014. You can expect lush soundscapes, swirling melodic patterns, and so much more to add focus and depth to the artist’s vibrant composition. In the vein of artists like Bonobo, Tycho, Nathan Fake, Jon Hopkins, or Max Cooper, Fran Seven is all about building steady melodic layers that set the bar higher, creating a dense and immersive listening experience for the audience. Fran Seven’s production style is packed with layers of dreamy and rhythmic arpeggios and sequences that keep evolving throughout each song and make his style unique.