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The Layers formed in late 2006 as a result of being the only people to turn up for a speed-dating evening. The resulting angst inspired a set of original songs garnering sufficient acclaim to lead them on tour through The Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic, New York and across the UK, from Twelfth Note to the Green Man festival. 'Belly Full of Sunshine' and 'Skinful of Inc.' , the first two Layers albums, are available through all good (and most evil) online retailers or, if you prefer to live dangerously, contact the band for a physical copy replete with lavishly tooled artwork, sleeve notes and a very useful garotte. Available via Jiffy Bag or a sinister midnight exchange in a deserted multi-story car park. You can listen to them both for free on Spotify - please consider buying them if you can support original music, though! Here's a little video teaser from 'Skinful'...