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Siantar Rap Foundation (also known as SRF) is a Young Talented Rapper from Pematangsiantar, Indonesia. This group formed in 16 August 2013 by awenz. SRF is a Toba Native from North Sumatera, Indonesia. In their carrier, they combine the folk and culture of Tobanese, in terms of language, music and dance to the Hip Hop genre. SRF also has released 4 albums. The 1st album called Batak Swag Ethnic was released in 2014. The 2nd album called Tobanese was released in 2015. The 3rd album called Sada Dua Tolu was released in 2016. The 4th album called Buah Roh was released in 2016. The 1st until the 3rd album is a Trilogy Album. In 2019, one of their singles was also awarded by Indonesian Music Awards (AMI)

as the nominee The Best Regional Language Song Production Work.