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Udi Shlomo is a drummer, composer and arranger, born in Kibbutz Nahshon (Israel), with roots from Iraq, Poland, Old Czechoslovakia, who since 2010 has been living in Trondheim(Norway). This diverse background is being expressed in Shlomo's music, that combines Shlomo's original compositions, inspired by memories, pictures, stories and nature from his early life in the kibbutz, together with new arrangements of traditional Hebrew folk music, and colored by the experience of life in Norway. "…Shlomo's percussion is in fact one of the most compelling aspects...he is all over his kit, splashing and clicking and ticking and thumping and rattling, sometimes with clear timing and patterns, sometimes just adding percussive color, and other times just flailing about even though he always remains purposeful and very, very clean. There are moments where his ability to produce what we hear with only his two hands and feet is shrouded in mystery...” ~ Brian S. Lunde - jazzreview.com "Some music I enjoy in an intellectual way, and some music in a physical way, but in this concert I had it both...this music must be out!" ~ Johan Hauknes - "salt-peanuts"