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Hi beautiful person! I'm super glad you found my music in this maze of independent artists. Thank you for listening, and for truly hearing what I'm putting out there. I'm really proud of my debut album, Dear House. I recorded it all live, which means I sang vocals AND played piano with my band all at the same time, in the same room, for every song. My album has been called "immersive" and "brilliantly written" (The Bennington Banner), with messages of "joyous love and intimacy" (Times Argus). I am committed to you, my audience, because I believe every human holds beauty and power, and I want to help you feel that in yourself. I write songs for healing, and for connection. I have a powerful voice, and things to say through my original music, but I also teach private piano lessons and organize community events that creatively combine art forms: live music plus original art by the audience, or poetry reading with an improvised musical score. "Certainly this is an album from a strong woman’s point of view." (Times Argus) "Facciolo wants to show her true self on this album and it shows." (Divide and Conquer) "Her first album, Dear House, is a brilliantly written set of soulful songs about home & family, sadness & joy - it invites listeners into the hearth of Siena’s heart, and it absolutely does not hold back." (Musicians of Rochester) Support my upcoming album by becoming my patron at