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The young DJ and producer Andrea Lane is in love with electronic music especially house, tech house. Andrea and the music became bound to each other and she decided to take things seriously. In 2017 summer she won a DJ contest and she played at the Balaton Sound, which is one of the biggest festivals in Europe. One year later she was invited to perform again. After her successful debut, her career rised up and she plays regularly in the most famous clubs not only in Hungary but also in other countries such as United Kingdom, Belgium, Ibiza or Netherlands. Also in 2018,2019 she was invited to perform at the Amsterdam Dance Event, world’s biggest festival and conference event. In 2017 and 2018 she was nominated in the category of best upcoming talent of the year at Ballantine’s Music Awards. Andrea Lane is not just a DJ but also she has started producing and working hard on her tracks, what's more she decided to set her own record label called Finally Records. This is the future, the energy of the new generation, so stay tuned!