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In just a few years, singer-songwriter Aisha Badru has gone from living in a concrete jungle in NY to creating her own oasis in the outskirts of Orlando, FL, replete with two ponds and a food garden, fruit trees and butterflies, birds and bees. This transformation is nothing short of stunning, which Badru recounts ever-so-gorgeously on her latest EP Transcendence. 
 Badru wrote much of Transcendence with a mix of intention and whimsy. Her explorations of nature sparked lyrics, which she’d then flesh out at home while strumming her guitar. This modest-yet-gutsy window into her soul is key to how she connects so meaningfully with her fans. It’s won her nearly 60 million Spotify streams, a fanbase spanning from America to Europe, and media praise that seem unanimously enchanted by her disarming, analog ways. 
 Transcendence is produced by Chris Hutchison, who in the past built lush soundscapes around her stripped-down tunes, adding electronic-tinged elements to her indie folk sound. But for this EP, Aisha wanted it to be acoustic—more intimate to allow her lyrics to take center stage. 
 Her debut album, Pendulum, captured her leaving her old life behind. Road to Self, the EP that followed it, chronicled how her journey began. And Transcendence is the sound of Badru today, achieving an almost zen-like state of being. 
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