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Almost six years to the day since revolutionizing Australian hip-hop with the multi-platinum ‘Falling & Flying’, 360 announces the release of his fourth studio album, ‘Vintage Modern’, set for release on October 27th.  The first taste of the new album comes in the form of the hypnotic, acoustic rap of YESTERDAY featuring Sydney singer/songwriter Hein Cooper, a nod to 60’s redemption and a fitting introduction to the sonic world of ‘Vintage Modern’ ‘Vintage Modern’ finds 360 in peak form, an artist re-invigorated. Writing the bulk of the album as acoustic pieces first, then teaming up with a tight-knit production crew - longtime collaborator Styalz Fuego, executive producer Nic Martin and chief instrumentalist Carl Dimataga - the album pairs 60’s trademark charm, honesty and razor sharp raps with a lush sonic backbone of guitars and live instrumentation fused with contemporary rap sounds, replacing the heavy synths and electronic drops his music is traditionally known for. ‘‘Vintage Modern’ stands ready to cement 360 as one of the finest rappers this country has produced, and more importantly, one of our great storytelling songwriters.