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Claudia Kate consistently blesses the ears of her fans with her gorgeous feel good pop tracks! "Her ever relatable songs are the equivalent of a musical hot water bottle” - Ellen Ellard (BBC Introducing Cambridgeshire). Now a London-based artist, Claudia Kate sits somewhere between the unequivocal outspokenness of Lily Allen and the haunting musicality of angelic indie icons Wolf Alice. Working at home during lockdown with her producer, Claudia makes a name for herself as a wholly

DIY artist. It is evident through both Claudia’s music and social media presence that she is passionate about helping people feel better about themselves, and creating a community surrounding female empowerment and body positivity. Claudia Kate is a voice for her generation. She is speaking in an uncomplicated language that strikes right to the core of some big issues. Claudia has been writing music and lyrics since she was 15, from her childhood bedroom to now her rental flat on a South London high street. At 22, the artist has grown into a sound which blends both her new found maturity with those feelings felt throughout ones youth. Her home-made debut album 'a damn good place to start' has received continuous praise from the likes of EUPHORIA mag, BBC Introducing and the wonderful strangers of the internet.