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Carol Kay is an old soul, the depths of generations past. The San-Francisco based singer-songwriter is inspired most by the industry in the era of the 1970’s. Influenced in equal parts by her upbringing in Canada and her current life in California, her music is honest, raw, and still evergreen in its message and tone. Taking cues not only from James Taylor, Carole King, and The Bee Gees’ music, Kay also draws inspiration in their approach to music, their visual branding, and outlook on life. But it wasn’t an easy journey to verified-musician, as Carol’s childhood in a big, strong Lebanese family made it hard to break out and pursue her creativity. Through fear of judgement, she has proven that she had to create her own story, to make her best art. This is where we find Carol Kay now; self-assured and distinctly herself while continuing to grow and learn all kinds of art beyond everyday music making. Her music reflects this chapter of her life through songwriting that is honest and classic with melodies that transcend time and place.