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Toronto, Ontario singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Before Conor Gains writes a song he gets out of the way. After all, he knows great songs come through people, rather than from them. About lead single "Light Shine In" from debut label release: "Like a good fire needs air, every relationship needs air to breathe. The line 'I need space, not destruction' is about people not knowing how to take space for themselves. We get co-dependent, and this song is about finding fullness within yourself first. At some point in making the song, we thought 'we need cowbell' - but in the end, the right sound ended up being the sound of a pen tapping on a glass bottle. I got really into the zone recording that soda bottle, we were all vibing on the sound, but couldn’t help laughing at it all” Gains is direct about what he wants his music to remedy, inspired by a lineage of artists who have long reflected the reality of an increasingly divided world. Now, he is retrofitting the motives of his influences into a much-needed contribution — in a world starved of healing, Conor is delivering us the music medicine. “A song that makes our hair stand on end” ~ Indie Criollo "Will undoubtedly land with anyone who loves music. It is just THAT good.” ~ Ear To The Ground Music "If this is any indication of what to expect from the his EP, then we are in for a wild ride. Conor Gains is definitely lighting things up around here” ~ Beyond The Stage Magazine