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With their debut nu´-jazz-album "Wroooooooooam" (2003) and funktronic "Tempomat" (2007), moca released two genre-classics. The upcoming album "cabriolet" (out April 2018) will finally add yet another gem, featuring guests such as Ashley Slater (Freakpower) and the WDR Big Band. Stay tuned. @mocaoriginal moca is: Christian Becker: keys, progr. Martin Becker: git, progr. Christoph Kloppenburg: git The unique sound of moca showed up with "Wroooooooooam" in 2003: driving beats, broad harmonies, catchy melodies. Some funk, bits of jazz, a little latin. They played lots of celebrated live gigs in Germany. Mocas songs were published on hundreds of compilations worldwide; numerous tracks got picked for heavy rotation at major radiostations and tv-shows (e.g. Jerry Seinfelds „comedians getting coffee in cars“). „Tempomat“ followed in 2007. Again, the sound was unparalleled: downbeat vs. uptempo, sampler vs. vibraphone, instrumentals vs. vocal-tracks. A broad audience spotted genre-classics such as „Latein“ and „Diggin´“. „Cabriolet“ (April 2018) will be the third album by moca. With Ashley Slater, vocalist of funk pop icon „Freakpower“, the WDR Bigband and numerous great instrumentalists, many friends appear on these new tracks. Ashley contributes incredible vocals on two hymnic tracks. The WDR Bigband recorded a version of Tito Puentes / Santanas classic „oye como va“, which was remixed and expanded by moca. Moca is preparing for a new live-set. Stay tuned. @mocaoriginal