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Music Producer l Artist l Blogger l DJ l Cultural Activist 
 Orphic, authentic, electronic music. Music is derived from the word Muse. The Muses were the goddesses and embodiments of poetry, music, philosophy, dance & the arts, much like Orthentix, her music, & her prose. Her music takes you on a transformative journey, like a sonic ritual with its orphic nature, entrancing, mystic, brooding & emotive, bordering on the fringes of society. She has traveled to the underworld and returned many times. Her music deeply expresses this with its authentic narratives, covering themes of personal growth, pain, empowerment, heartache, & transformation. Her musical genre would be defined as a fusion of downtempo indietronica, resonating with deep chill, experimental bass, future ambient, & trip-hop musical styles. Orthentix is a music producer, artist, composer, arranger, studio and live sound engineer, lyricalist, DJ, musicologist, academic author, blogger, media creator, event manager & facilitator, living in the shire of Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia. She is passionate about intersectional feminism, music production, and musicology. Practicing her art to critique social constructs & generate meaningful dialogue about the realities of womanhood in a patriarchal world. 
 Website: orthentix.com Email: mail@orthentix.com Blog: medium.com/orthentix Youtube: youtube.com/c/Orthentix Mailing List: https://mailchi.mp/99f76d34e335/orthentix-newsletter-orphic-muse