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Steve Antti loves to go out into the world and encourage people with his music. He has been out playing in Ocean Beach at the Farmers Market on Wednesday's on his own and with his band. He plays in Little Italy near the fountain and all over San Diego for many different types of events. Steve has

two new albums. One album, entitled, "Surfing the Jetty" and another entitled, "Lead the Way". "My God He's So Good" is a featured song on his latest project. Some of his new music has a California Beach Music sound - a style near and dear to his heart. Steve has played music with a variety of styles ranging from rock, acoustic, jazz and everything in between. He has recorded ten CD’s and numerous singles. His music can be found on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp. Steve is a surfer at heart and can be found surfing all around San Diego. He’s known as a local fixture on the SoCal surf scene but also has traveled the world taking his guitar and board with him. He loves to create and write something new watching how people will start dancing and celebrating this gift called life.