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iChordZ is the name of Igor Augusto's electronic music project. Inspired by big names in the scene like Skrillex, deadmau5, ARTY, i_o and Avicii, Igor is always looking for songs with striking melodies for the listener, making his productions always have a special touch of emotion. 
 In 2020, iChordZ made its world debut releasing singles by labels, participating in 2 international compilations and signing a single for the first time with Vibez Sounds, the music label of the Brazilian media group EletroVibez. After this debut, iChordZ released more singles by other labels and has been gaining notoriety in the electronic music scene, with a great emphasis on the song Venus, released by Security Sounds, receiving great support in the national EDM scene. 
 iChordZ has been growing on the national EDM scene with better and better productions, receiving support from great national artists such as FTampa, Curol, Geluk and several others.