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Formed in 2005 this quintet’s early material blended hardcore with kitschy synths and nonsensical song structures. However, the group shaved off its more oddball qualities in favour of shoegaze and dream-pop on subsequent releases. This sound is beautifully demonstrated with Dillinger-style freak-outs transition to lush soundscapes at a moment’s notice. Anchored by the Spence siblings’ complementary singing voices, the group perfectly blur the barrier between tranquility and destruction. Describing exactly what ROLO TOMASSI do and how they do it has always been incredibly difficult. Atmosphere is created through brutal and punishing guitars, with abrasive vocals at war with all around them, taking no prisoners and bending to no one. And yet, it is also created through a constant feeling of calm, reflection and intimacy, almost washing over the listener like welcome waves through sparse, skeletal piano, genuinely haunting melodies and melancholic musical reflections. It's astounding, and unlike anything else you will hear.