Vigiland are a Swedish duo who create rousing, euphoric EDM and dance-pop inspired by Melbourne bounce, a boisterous variant on progressive house.

Västervik-based Claes Remmered Persson and Otto Pettersson started Vigiland in 2013, first surfacing with the appropriately named "Bouncer." This was followed by 2014's haunting yet playful "UFO," which became an enormous hit in the duo's native country, eventually being certified quintuple platinum. Additional hits such as "Shots & Squats," "Addicted," and "Pong Dance" followed, and the duo racked up millions of streams online. Vigiland became popular in Latin America after "Shots & Squats" was used as the theme song to MTV series SuperShore, and the duo appeared at the Latin MTV Video Music Awards in 2016. ~ Paul Simpson, Rovi

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