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The hip-hop trio Furthermore has been slicing and dicing with Tooth & Nail Records since 1998 when frontman Fischer, DJ Jason, and backup singer Lee came together in Salt Lake City, UT, to blend it's unique funky flavoring. Citing influences such as Madonna, the Smiths, and Weird Al Yankovic, Furthermore built their own hip-hop scene, having the opportunity to open for the likes of De La Soul and Run D.M.C., as well as playing the Salk Lake City date on the 1998 Vans' Warped Tour. In fall 2000, Furthermore issued their debut entitled Flourescent Jellyfish. Shortly thereafter, DJ Jason left the band, leaving Lee and Fischer to shape the band as a duo. They spent the next two years perfecting an electronic driven sound and in April 2002, they issued the aptly titled She & I. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, Rovi