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Aaron Aye is the breath of fresh air the Pop and R&B scene has been so desperately longing for. The singer/songwriter from Minneapolis, MN has been making and performing music ever since he can remember. At age 11 his mother overheard him singing in the shower and decided to buy his first piece of recording equipment, making him promise to mow lawns all summer in exchange. He’s been writing music ever since. 
 In 2018, he released his first project Orphan -

a culmination of his first 21 years of life. The project showcases the trials and tribulations of an orphan from the Midwest, ultimately providing the therapeutic release he so deeply needed. Aaron aims to rebrand the word orphan, inspiring lost kids like himself to continue searching for their purpose. 
 The unique, going-through-hell-while-still-having-fun perspective Aaron has continues to shine on his second project F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) which was released summer 2019, the once lost orphan has developed into a self-aware young man navigating through anxiety, depression, and harrowing reality of life, facing the possibility of failure and rejection to succeed in the end. 
 After the release of F.E.A.R. along with several shows in 2019 throughout the midwest and west coast including Lollapalooza, Aaron has been gearing up to release new music that will definitely have everyone singing along for years and years to come.