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Martins Osazee BEGGEDOS, known as MartMillz, born in Nigeria, is singer, lyricist, and composer. Talking about his certification in the world to digital sales milestone is a story of time. Simply, it is just the beginning of his artist career. He acknowledges that creativity, regularity and right mindset value "the teamwork makes dream work". A clear vision helps to stay focused. MartMillz learnt, realised and understood that in life, all is about the right connexion at the right time, even small, could change an entire life and it happened to him. Right from his childhood, he practiced dancing, especially Afro House. It was one of the things that gave him the most joy. Later on, he developed a passion for singing as a form of self-expression. More specifically, he loves rapping, even if he never really saw it as part of his music style. He double majored in Music, in college, and became an MD in Church 15 years ago. Therefore, he recently decided to further focus on music back because he feels now is the right time. He wants to create his unique vibe style to bring out the musical soul within himself. Indeed, he is ready to share his values through his own life experience and express it with his own lyrics that embrace live matters.