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Frontman, founder and co-songwriter of one of the UK's most revered bands in music history The Stone Roses, Ian has enjoyed a long and successful solo career. Defying critics following the implosion of the Roses, Ian's debut solo album Unfinished Monkey Business took the nicknamed King Monkey to the top of the music tree with a Number 2 album. Following up at the end of 1999 with his second, Golden Greats, which Ian has described as 'the last great album of the 20th century', Ian continued to surprise, at Number 3 in the charts came Music of the Spheres, featuring the much loved track F.E.A.R and cemented a music man at the top of his game and very much developing his own sound and style. Solarized, another top ten album, followed, featuring trumpets and a Noel Gallagher collaboration on Keep What Ya Got. A greatest hits compilation The Greatest (top 5) was next, featuring 2 tracks Ian cut with Unkle/DJ Shadow and tracks like Lovebug, All Ablaze and Return of the fisherman, that were exclusive to that album. The World is Yours (in at number 4), his fifth studio album co-produced by New Yorker Emile Haynie, also featured Sinead O Connor, Steve Jones and Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols, Paul Ryder, Andy Rourke and a 24 piece orchestra. My Way came in 2009, another top ten album containing the outstanding track Stellify. Ian's last album Ripples, another number 4 and critically acclaimed album, came in Feb 2019 and was preceded by lead single First World Problems.