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Founded in the magical forests of Finland, via the green and pleasant lands of England and Ireland, Hexvessel are wyrd folk. Formed in 2009 by English/Irish singer/songwriter Mat "Kvohst" McNerney, also known for his work with Beastmilk (now known as Grave Pleasures), The Deathtrip, guest spots with Carpenter Brut and Me & That Man and his earlier work with Norwegian Black Metal bands Code & Dødheimsgard, Hexvessel has truly become a melting cauldron or “vessel,” a potent “hex” of spellwork. Hexvessel spin songs in the oral tradition of the old balladeers, conjuring wild psychedelic rituals and hypnotic pagan prayers. By drawing on older folk acts like Shirley Collins,Vashti Bunyan, later folk rock & progressive psych rock bands such as Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Captain Beefheart and King Crimson, to more recent artists such as Current93, Nick Cave and Coil, imbued with Karelian and Nordic folklore rhythms, Hexvessel have created a sound that is both ancient and modern. Hexvessel have been previously nominated for 2 Finnish Emma (Grammy) awards, 2 Metal Hammer awards and 3 Prog Magazine awards, winning 2 Finnish Femma awards and landed several times in both the national and alternative charts Finland. As Noisey puts it, “Weaving English folk, lilting Americana, and mushroom-induced psychedelia, Hexvessel are The Doors misplaced and found wandering the vast forests of Finland.”