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DEEPTHI is the first Finnish contemporary mantra artist who sings in her native language and creates music with roots in the essence of Nordic stillness and mysticism. The original musical world of Deepthi is a combination of the rooted and contemporary vocal mantras in Finnish language, epic, cinematic musical landscapes and the profound essence of spirituality. The essential elements for Deepthi’s sound is the vibration of Nordic serenity, purity and the dance of light and darkness that can be found in the nature of the compositions, too. The mantras in Finnish language can be experienced and heard as an ancient siren like melody or as a primal vibration to invite the listeners into their own inner world. The Finnish language in the songs does not need to be understood as a spoken language, rather to be felt or experienced as a voice for harmony and communion.
 It was said in the ancient traditions that Light comes from the North. This was believed to be true, because the polarity of the seasons and the dark winters outside created a nation willing to survive and strive with a strong inner Light.

The album reminds us of the ancient ancestors, the wisdom of nature and that Divine Light which we all hold inside of us and which enables us to remember who we are in this current unstable world.