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How to begin the interesting tale of my life, and how it is at my not so tender age I am coming to the culmination of my life‘s work as a musician, singer songwriter, and a recording artist. I am thrilled to bring you both my first album “Acquainted With the Night,”and now the wonderful work that I’m doing with my producer Billy Smiley in Nashville, Tennessee. I can’t tell you how privileged and overjoyed I feel to be able to convey my life experiences in the language of music, and words, and sing them to you. I am overjoyed to have produced two amazing albums with Billy Smiley, #ALargerDance and #TheWaterIsWide, which won BEST ALBUM Adult contemporary, in the 2020 WAM awards for independent music worldwide..

We are now at work on #CanyonLands which I hope will be out in September 2021. I now own a house in Tennessee… More to come!🕸