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My PLAYED BY SEFF ☆ Spotify Playlist is updated pretty much every day, so make sure you keep up with the secret bangers (and even the more obscure bits) …… (it’s also FREE, 🤫) 
 Also guys and gals, my SEFF ON SPOTIFY Playlist is just every tune with my name on it that I could find on Spotify (there’s pretty much hundreds more of them so head to all the others for those, like my SoundCloud (SEFF or @listentoseff) or head over to Beatport, Apple and so many others, also feel free to get in touch about anything music with me, my email ain’t exactly hard to find ;) … Much love as ever for your interest and support of my music, it literally means everything to me. Keep an ear and an eye out for some new magic that’s about to pop up here and there. ENJOY!!!! Joe/SEFF🍀✘ .................................... Every link you should need is on my linktree profile 👇 ⬇️ go have a wonder…….